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Fairway dues are based on four components: readiness fee, vessel-based fee, the cargo quantity loaded or unloaded and number of passengers. The readiness and vessel-based are divided into classes based on the vessel net tonnage. 

For domestic traffic dues are charged for loaded cargo only. For vessels only loading or unloading international cargo the readiness and vessel-based fee are only charged for the first call.

The number of calls subject to the readiness and vessel-based fee is a maximum of five per calendar month, where the first two calls are charged 100 %, the third call charged 75 %, fouth call 50 % and the fifth call 25 %. The following calls that calender month are free of charge.

Cargo-based dues are charged with SEK 2.40 per tonne of cargo goods and with SEK 1.20 for what is referred to as low value goods. Goods regarded as low value are determined based on the Swedish Maritime Administration's regulations (SJÖFS 2018:18) on fairway dues, and are specified on our wepage. Further information regarding low value goods is presented in the following link.

Passenger are charged SEK 1.80 per passengers. To the right you will find a link to our translated regulations.

Enviromental differentiation of the vassel-based fee

The vessel-based fee are differentiated according to the vessel's verified Clean Shipping Index (CSI) scores. If the vessel have verifiered scores, the reduced vessel-based fee will be applied automaticly since the Swedish Maritime Administration gets the information from the CSI directly. 

For information regarding the Clean Shipping Index we refere you directly to the Clean Shipping Index via the link to the right.

Calculations on the fairway dues

To the right there is a document that summarize the fairways dues and the most common reductions. If you have questions on how to calculate your fairway and pilotage dues please contact our customer services at,

Phone: +46 10 - 478 58 00

Email: kundstod@sjofartsverket.se