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MARTEC http://www.martec-era.net/opencall/ has opened a transnational call with a deadline on 30.04.2014 for collaborative research projects in different areas of maritime technologies.

This call is initiated by funding institutions from fourteen different European partner countries from the ERA-NET MARTEC consortium. Each country has its own national maritime priorities and programmes and the financial support will be awarded by the national funding institutions for project duration of up to 36 months. Priority for funding will be given for projects which include at least one independent industrial participant from each involved country. Only projects, which receive funds from at least two countries, will be supported by MARTEC '

Swedish companies, preferably SMEs, are eligible for funding subject to the specifics below.

Further explanation and the details of eligible costs can be obtained from:
Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)
Göran Rudbäck, Senior Maritime Research & Development Coordinator
Research & Innovation Department /Market Division
Visiting aderss: af Pontins väg 6, SE-115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Office: +46-(0)10 478 51 86 Cellphone & SMS.: +46-(0)708 19 12 28
Fax: +46-(0)8 6666635
Email: goran.rudback@sjofartsverket.se


• Swedish participants in a successful MARTEC II project are funded through the Swedish Maritime Administration whilst other EU partners are funded via their own national funding bodies.

• Proposals should be in line with MARTEC Priority Research Areas and Swedish reseach and innovation prioriteis and preferably fit within the 7 SMA R&I startegic portifolios:
1. e-maritime 2. Sustainable maritime transport and environment 3. Maritime safety 4. Infrastructure & technology 5. Winter navigation & Arctic issues 6. Maritime external framwork 7. Competence & capacity issues

• To receive Swedish funding the company must be Sweden based. Company participants must be VAT (MOMS) registered and have been registered at Swedish companies for at least 12 months before the closing date for applications.

• Swedish companies (preferably SME's) are eligible for up to 50% funding of eligible project costs.

• Participants' claims under the Swedish funding arrangement must be for project costs incurred in Sweden, including subcontracting which is capped at a maximum of 20% of the Swedish partner's budget.

• The project management must be undertaken by a project participant and cannot be subcontracted

• All proposals shall be assessed by the MARTEC Expert group before a final decision is taken on the financing through SMA



Göran Rudbäck
Tel: +46104785186

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