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(65-34,7N 022-07,6E) Charts 414, 4101
Bascule bridge
Vertical clearance when closed: 7.3 m  

Contact information:
The bridge is opened once between 0900 - 1000, 1900 - 2000 LT
on weekdays except holidays (red-letter days) and day before Sunday.

Request opening from 'Trafikverket Kundtjänst', +46(0)771-921 921 /
+46 (0)70-256 1051 at least three hours prior to passage.
(Customer Service Hotline, Swedish Transport Administration).  

Light signals

Iso R Bridge closed

Iso R + Iso W Signal from vessel received

F R + F W Opening of bridge is not possible

Iso R + F W Bridge starts to open

Iso G Bridge is open. Passage allowed.

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