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(59-38,4N 017-36,5E) Chart 112
Swing bridge
Vertical clearance if closed: 2,7 m.
Maximum width: 12,4 m.

Opening hours:
01 May-15 October
The bridge opens on request daily 0900-2200 (at 0900, 1000 … 2200).
The bridge opens for merchant vessels at other times after contact with the bridge.

16 October-30 April (only advance booking)
The bridge will open after agreement with the bridge master.

Contact information:
The bridge is operated from the Stäket bridge.
Tel +46 8583 518 75 or VHF Ch. 14

Traffic signals:

Iso R 3s Bridge is closed
Iso R 3s + Iso W 3s Signal acknowledged
Iso R 3s + F W Bridge about to be opened
FR + Iso W 3s Give way to oncoming vessel
Iso G 3s Bridge open - proceed
FR + FW Bridge cannot be opened

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