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Opening hours

There are four moveable bridges in River Fyrisån
between Lake Mälaren and the city of Uppsala.

Direction from Lake Mälaren towards Uppsala:
Flottsundsbron, vertical clearance 3.8 m
Vindbron, vertical clearance 2.1 m
Kungsängsbron, vertical clearance 4.8 m
Hamnspången, vertical clearance 2.3 m

During the period April 15 - October 15 requests for bridge opening can be done between 0800-2300 LT. Note: No bridge opening between 1600 - 1700 LT on weekdays. Call 1 hour before to request bridge opening.

In case of any changes and for further information please visit
(only in Swedish)

Telephone numbers

Weekdays 0800-1600 LT
Telephone +46 18-727 36 65

Weekdays 1700-2300 LT and weekends 0800-2300 LT
Telephone +46 18-727 36 66

For contact on VHF
Call the above number first and then in consultation with the bridge-keeper switch to VHF Ch 15. Always call the bridge-keeper when not in sighting distance from the bridge.

Hamnspången is remotely controlled from Kungsängsbron.

With reservation for any changes.

Se also: https://www.uppsala.se/boende-och-trafik/trafik-och-gator/brooppningstider/
(Only in Swedish)

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