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These local websites has direct adress: www.sjofartsverket.se/gbg

Welcome to Göteborg Pilot Area!

Those pages contain information for vessels calling Gothenburg. The Swedish Maritime Administration works in close cooperation with the Harbour Master Office at Port of Gothenburg, which website we also refer to. Further several companies offer services for safe and efficient calls to Gothenburg.

Message on this website is limited to general information and decisions. For complete nautical information refer to sea charts, navigational warnings etc.

New routine for large container ships calling Gothenburg The Swedish Maritime Administration has developed an improved procedure for piloting large container ships (ULCS) into the Port of Gothenburg in strong wind. The new procedure is more structured and will enable better planning prior arrival. The base for the preparations is the forecast for Trubaduren area given by SMHI. This forecast may...
Updated: 2016-11-29

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