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Routines below are used at the bridges at Hjulsta, Kvicksund, Stallarholmen, Tosterö, Nockeby and Liljeholmen. For the bridge to Västerås eastern harbour is a special routine used.

VHF channels
Hjulsta, Kvicksund, Stallarholmen, Tosterö and Nockeby VHF 68
Liljeholmen VHF 12

  • Contact with the bridgs shuld be established in due time (Hjulsta and Kvicksund abt 20-30 min) to notify about the need of bridge opening. For Kvicksund the expected ETA is mandatory.
  • The bridge keeper comfirms and requests new call 8 minutes before passage.
  • When vessel has 8 minuets left to passage the bridge is called over VHF.
  • The bridge keeper starts the opening of the bridge and replies to the vessel that the bridge will be opened.
  • If malfunction or other hindrance for opening the bridge occurs the bridge keeper shall inform the vessel immediately.

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