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Down below are route plans (routes) for ECDIS and digital chart system presented. These routes are developed by the pilots and are supported by the Maritime Administration. The presented routes are primarily used by the pilots at each pilot station.

The routes which are presented are the supposed ideals tracks / corridors the ship should go in. The routes shall however not be considered as binding tracks for individual vessels. Depending on, for example, oncoming traffic or other impacts such as weather etc, it might be necessary to deviate from the route in accordance with good seamanship.

Below you can choose where you want your selected route will end.

NOTE! Click on the name in the map to your destination.

Important information

The digital route plans should not be used as a substitute for regular charts and navigation, only as a complement to them. When using the digital route plans and other information on these pages must always such information as e.g. ships type, weather and other traffic be taken into account.

Also note that due to e.g. location data, incorrect programming of routes or other sources of error the Swedish Maritime Administration in no way guarantees the navigation of the electronic chart system and it should only be seen as a complement to radar and visual navigation.

The digital route plans are developed from available geographic information. The Swedish Maritime Administration takes no responsibility for errors in route plans or information on these pages.


Updated: 2017-05-31