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04/27/2017   Time 0855

Traffic restrictions  

Traffic restrictions are imposed to improve the safety and efficiency of winter navigation.
Icebreaker assistance will only be given to vessels, which meet the requirements set out in the traffic restrictions.

Information from Swedish Maritime Adminstration  

Common web-page for the Baltic: www.baltice.org

Present restrictions  

Karlsborg - Luleå
Minimum ice class IA and minimum 2000 dwt

Minimum ice class IC and minimum 2000 dwt

Minimum ice class II and minimum 2000 dwt

Minimum ice class II and minimum 2000 dwt

Announced restrictions  




Reporting instructions for ships bound for ports wíth traffic restrictions

Present Dir- Ways


Ships bound for Luleå and Karlsborg.
WP1.                  N 64-51, E 22-14
WP2                   N 64-50, E 22-13
Before WP1 contact icebreaker on VHF.
Ships bound for Haraholmen/Piteå and Skellefteå use normal summer route.



The icebreaker activity    
                      Ale   Ended season. Moored Luleå.
Atle   Ended season. Moored Luleå.
 Ymer   Assists in the Bay of Bothnia
Frej   Ended season. Moored Luleå.
Oden   Ended season. Moored Luleå.
Scandica   Fairway work
 Baltica   Hydrographic survey
Fyrbyggaren   Fairway and research works
Ice report & ice forecast   Swedish Ice Service, Ice report
Further information:  


Contact information  

Icebreaking management can be reached on +46 (0)771 63 25 25.

Next update:   On regular basis, when needed.