MONALISA & MONALISA 2.0 Joint Event - Presentations

Thank you for participating and/or taking interest in the MONALISA & MONALISA 2.0 Joint Event - 23 October 2013.


During the day we described and discussed the Intelligence at Sea Conclusions and had a Kick-off for the future Sea Traffic Management, Safer Ships and Operational Safety. Our goal is to take maritime transport into the digital age, improving safety, environment and efficiency.

Meeting minutes 


Available presentations:


Session 1 – MONALISA results and conclusions

The MONALISA final film is found as the top video on this website.


Session 2 – Introducing MONALISA 2.0

The MONALISA 2.0 film is found on the MONLISA 2.0 page on this website.


Session 3 – Keynotes


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