Pictures from 2016

The Nordic Photo Contest for Seafarers 2016 had its final in Turku, Finland, the 10/2. This year’s jury – Hanna Weselius (Ph. D. University Lecturer in photography) and Maija Joro (Museum educator at Forum Marinum) – came to the maritime museum Forum Marinum where representatives from all the Nordic countries had spread out the best 15 pictures from each country’s national contest.

Hanna Weselius and Maija Joro both agreed that is was a hard task to sort out the winners from all the 75 pictures. After two hours, they had come to a decision and revealed that the winners of the Nordic contest were:

1. Vidar Strönstad, Norway
2. Jörgen Språng, Sweden
3. Håkan Kjällmoen, Norway
4. Bjarne Hovland, Norway
5. Jörgen Språng, Sweden

Honorary mentions:
Marika West, Finland
Finn Salomon Nielsen, Denmark
Vidar Strönstad, Norway

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all participants!