New exercise portal for the seafarers

Now you can start using our new exercise portal – SeaSportal

The long tradition in seafarers’ sports have united many ship crews through the years and have contributed to a higher focus on health onboard.

Today, the Swedish Seamen’s Service launches a new portal for exercising seafarers and ones that want to start a healthier life. In SeaSportal you can report and follow your training diary in a user-friendly way, whether you use a computer, smartphone or tablet.



SeaSportal has more modern functions than “Motionscentralen”. The training diary in SeaSportal can be linked to well-known training apps so you don't have to register manually. If you have a training watch or similar, you do not need to register anything at all. The portal also has features, familiar from social networks and in the news feed we offer training- and health tips.

We hope that more people want to join SeaSportal now that that the portal is modernized, and has better language support. When we move the competitions to SeaSportal, the competitions receive new, and more international, names. The team competitions “Motionsligan” and “Simcupen“ are renamed Sports League and Swim Cup. To simplify, the individual branches also get names after the activity being performed - for example Running, Swimming, Biking and Multi.

The reporting for the sports year 2019 continuously takes place in “Motionscentralen”. From October existing and new users are welcome to register in SeaSportal, to try it out. On January 1, we will switch to SeaSportal and shut down “Motionscentralen” for registration. Reporting of the training 2020 is carried out in SeaSportal.

We hope you like our new portal. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments and feel free to pass the information on to your colleagues on board!

Register here to continue to participate in competitions and follow your training!

Good luck with your continued training! See you at

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