Port Service - Oxelösund

The Swedish Seamen's Service does not have a representative in the harbour of Oxelösund. Instead, we have identified the service that you can find in the port surroundings, as a visiting seaman. In the printable PDF-document "Welcome to Oxelösund" we guide you to the places where you can get information about the city's sports- and cultural activities, as well as where you find free WiFi.

Swedish seamen’s service
The nearest seamen’s center, Johannisborg Seamen's Club, is located in Norrköping, about 45 minutes car ride from Oxelösund. If you have any questions, call the club in Norrköping, +46 (0)11-12 79 94 or send an email to johannisborg@sjofartsverket.se

The seamen´s church
There is no seamen’s church in Oxelösund.
If you want to get in touch with the Seamen’s church in Norrköping, please call +46 (0)11-13 58 80.