Swedish Seamen's Library

The Swedish Seamen’s Library was founded in 1930 and has been roaming the Seven Seas ever since then as a circulating library. Nowadays, the library is part of the Swedish Seamen’s Service.
The library is situated at Rosenhill Seamen’s Center in Gothenburg. We distribute books, e-books and audiobooks to all kinds of vessels within the Swedish merchant fleet. 

Books may also be obtained or exchanged in many ports along the Swedish coast and in Europe
(see Book change ports). Besides the main part of books in Swedish, we can also offer books in English for crewmembers on Swedish vessels.

The Swedish Seamen's Library also offer e-books in english. Please ask our staff how to
handle the loan.





Swedish Seamen's Library
Swedish Seamen's Service Rosenhill
Köpenhamnsgatan 25
SE-418 77 Göteborg

Ann-Christin Westman
Tel +46 (0)10-478 47 39

Open for visitors:
Mon-Thu: 8 am - 1 pm
Vessels can also reach us during the afternoon.
Please contact Rosenhill 
when the library is closed.