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In order to maintain the level of service that merchant shipping demands, fairway dues are now being increased by 1.9%, in accordance with the net price index. In order to achieve full cost recovery for pilotage operations, pilotage fees will also be increased by 5%.

"While we are raising the fees, we are simultaneously working to improve and develop our operations to serve the needs of our customers and of society. Over the last ten years, we have implemented about 1 billion kronors' worth of streamlining measures, and in the next ten years, through efficiency improvements and new business deals, we hope to achieve an additional billion kronor in savings. In addition, we are conducting some of the world's best research on the digitization of shipping, and most of the cost of that research isn't financed by merchant shipping," says Katarina Norén, Director General of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The Swedish Maritime Administration provides a relatively high level of service and can provide pilotage to vessels entering into or departing from Swedish ports with only five hours notice. This even includes smaller ports along the Norrland coast. At the same time, the Swedish Maritime Administration is working in consultation with other government authorities to develop and streamline navigation support and other services linked to moorings.

"In order to keep Sweden's sea routes passable, accessible and secure, it is important to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness and finances. In order for us to deliver great service while also developing our services, our fees must be in line with post-streamlining cost developments," explains Katarina Norén.

The Swedish Maritime Authority is one of three public Swedish enterprises, and 70 percent of its costs are financed by the fees paid by merchant shippers. However, the enterprise is also responsible for appropriations-funded missions aimed at the general public, the boating community, and society at large. Funding for these missions has been eroded over time at a rate of 200 million Euros per year. Today this income gap is covered through fees.

"We have proposed a 216 million kronor increase to the appropriations. As soon as it is financially justifiable, we also want to reinforce the environmental incentives that offer lower fees for shipowners that implement environmental improvement measures on their ships," says Katarina Norén.

The new rules go into effect on January 1, 2019.

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