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Winter navigation 2016-2017 is now available on our website. Icebreaker assistance is only given to vessels, which meet the requirements set out in the traffic restrictions. The first restrictions - ice class II and minimum 2 000 dwt - is normally initiated in early December for the harbours in the Bay of Bothnia.

The Swedish Maritime Administration Ice-breaking Division follows the development and changes of ice-conditions and by providing ice-breaking services and apply an apt traffic restriction policy to accomplish safe and efficient traffic to Swedish ports.

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Actual information

The unit will provide a brief account of the ice situation for the day, the operating areas of the icebreakers together with instructions for shipping and an updated ice chart at Swedish Maritime Administration homepage: www.sjofartsverket.se/winternavigation and also on common web-page www.baltice.org

Icebreaking activities 2015/2016

The ice winter 2015-2016 started somewhat late and was shorter than normal. The ice extent was also generally smaller than normal, except during a cold period around January 23, when it almost reached normal extent. At this time most of the Bay of Bothnia, the Quark, along the coast further south and the inner part of the Gulf of Finland were covered with ice.

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