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Today's service window (6/11) is complete and it now works to log in to MSW with one-time password. You can only login with one time password, your old certficate will not work. New certificates will automatically be sent out tonight.

After the upgrade you will receive a NEW User Certificate for the secure login service in MSW Reportal. The certificate will be sent to you by email, and the password for the installation will be sent by text message (SMS).
Your new certificate has to be  installed on your computer in the same way as your old certificate. Instructions for installing the new certificate will be sent to you by email along with the new certificate.
For  remote desktop users or users sharing a computer:
The certificate must be installed in your user profile. If you are having trouble using the certificate, please contact your IT department for support.
If you are no longer in need of your user account in MSW Reportal, please contact Anlöpstjänster (kundstod@sjofartsverket.se) and we will disable your account before the upgrade.
NOTE! Your old certificate will cease to work after 6th November 2018.

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