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Information regarding SafeSeaNet 

As a result of a number of accidents, the European Union (EU) has identified a need to improve safety for vessels carrying hazardous goods. According to EU directives 2000:59 and 2002:59, all vessels exceeding 300 GT must report a call to a port or anchoring area, hazardous goods cargoes, and vesselgenerated waste at least 24 hours prior to arrival. For this purpose, the EU has established a central information system, SafeSeaNet (SSN), to which each member country is to transfer information from national systems. In Sweden, the Swedish Maritime Administration is responsible for compiling this information and has developed an information-processing system for this type of reporting – SafeSeaNet Sweden – SSNS. 
Reporting in the SSNS is mandatory (see Swedish Transport Agency´s Regulations and General Advice (TSFS 2010:159).  

ATA/ATD reporting

The obligation to report ATA/ATD information comes from the Swedish Transport Agency´s regulation TSFS 2010:178, which is based on an EU directive. According to the rules, the master of a foreign vessel shall report its actual time of arrival (ATA) at the Swedish port or anchorage and likewise shall report its actual time of departure from the Swedish port/anchorage. This reporting can also be performed by the ship owner or through a shipping agent. 

The Swedish Transport Agency has announced that the vessels coming to a Swedish port or anchorage in between 18:00 (Day 1) and 07:59 (Day 2)  can if they wish wait with the  reporting of ATA / ATD information until 08:00 (Day 2). The exemption does not apply to the whole weekend, but only during the given time.

From the beginning of June 2012 the Swedish Maritime Administration has automatized the ATA/ATD reporting for ships carrying pilot. The information is extracted from the pilot’s report.   

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