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The master of a foreign vessel shall report its actual time of arrival (ATA) at the Swedish port or anchorage and likewise shall report its actual time of departure from the Swedish port/anchorage. This reporting can also be performed by the ship owner or through a shipping agent. 

The obligation to report ATA/ATD information comes from the Swedish Transport Agency´s regulation TSFS 2010:178, which is based on an EU directive. The Swedish Transport Agency has announced that the vessels coming to a Swedish port or anchorage in between 18:00 (Day 1) and 07:59 (Day 2)  can if they wish wait with the  reporting of ATA / ATD information until 08:00 (Day 2). The exemption does not apply to the whole weekend, but only during the given time.

The Swedish Maritime Administration has automatized the ATA/ATD reporting for ships carrying pilot.

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