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Hints and directions for small craft passing Trollhätte canal


Important information

The bridges and locks between Ströms sluss and Gropbron is open daily between 09.00-19.00.

All the bridges from Jordfall and Bohus in the south to the Dalbobridge in the north are remote controlled from the Canalcentral in Trollhättan. The locks in Ström, Trollhättan and Brinkebergskulle are also remoted. All of this objects are also camera monitored. The Canalcentral also operate railway bridge in Köpmannebro, Falsterbo bridge and the lock in Falsterbo. And the lock fee is also paid at the Canalcentral.


 The Canalcentral  

Contact with bridges and locks, use VHF Channel 9.



Before raising the bridge, pleasure craft are to keep as close to the bridge as possible, in order to decrease the time the bridge is raised.

Mooring in the locks

  • Follow the instructions from the lock operators.

  • Keep mooring ropes or boat-hook ready.
  • Keep the boat in position in the lock by using the hooks and ladders on the lock walls.
  • Use a boat-hook or ropes.
  • Never tie or makefast the mooring lines, and never leave them unatended.  
  • Never allow your children to attend to the boat on their own.
  • Never leave your boat unattended in the locks.
  • The locks are unmanned and remote controlled from the Canalcentral in Trollhättan.



It is strictly forbidden to use open fire on board in the locks.

Wear a life jacket

No voyage without wearing a life jacket. Be aware of the strong currents that sometimes arise.

Darkness/poor visibility

Out of respect for safety at sea, owners of all small craft are firmly advised against proceeding on the canal after dark or in poor visibility, otherwise there is a risk of serious accidents.

Reporting is important

It is important that anyone who observes a hazard at sea reports the hazard so that a navigational warning can be issued and other mariners warned. Observations should preferably be reported on VHF ch 9 to the Canalcentral.

 Guest harbours and marinas

The best places to stay are the marinas. They have all the facilities you need. You can find information about guest harbours at Visit Trollhättan - Vänersborg.

Nautical charts

. Click here to find more information about Nautical charts.  


Travel distance

From Göteborg (Göta älvbron) to Lilla Edet (Ströms sluss) = 27,6 nautical miles.

From Lilla Edet (Ströms sluss) to Trollhättan (Sluss 5) = 9,6 nautical miles.

From Trollhättan (Sluss 2) to Brinkebergskulle = 5,6 nautical miles.

From Brinkebergskulle to Vänersborg (Dalbobron) = 2,5 nautical miles.

Total distance = 45,3 nautical miles.