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Water area
From latitude 62° 58' N to 60° 36' N.

Area of Sundsvall Pilotsstation
Waterarea from latitude 62° 50' N inclusive of Gaviksfjärden and river Ångermanälven to latitude 62° 08' N.  

Area of Gävle and Söderhamn/Hudiksvalls Pilotstations  
Waterarea between latitude 62° 08' N and a straight line from Rödhäll at 60° 36' N 17° 59,5' E in bearing 90°.

Southern part of Västernorrland County (except districts of Önsköldsvik and Sollefteå), Gävleborg County, northern part of Uppsala County, Dalarna and Jämtland Counties.

Map - Sea of Bothnia Maritime Traffic Area

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