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Kalmar Pilot area

The Swedish Maritime Administration, Kalmar Pilot area, offer you well-trained pilots for safe transit through Kalmar sound and Deep Sea Pilotage to all ports in the Baltic Sea, Kattegat and Skagerrak. Harbour pilotage is offered to all major ports in Kalmar Pilot area.    

Area of Karlshamn/Åhus Pilot stations
Water area between a straight line at Brömse 56° 19' N 016° 03' E in direction 155° and latitude 55° 25' N.

Area of Kalmar/Oskarshamn Pilot stations
Water area between a straight line along latitude 58° 00,0 N to Brömse 56° 19' N 016° 03' E in direction riktning 155° and island Öland but not Gotland.

Area of Visby Pilot station
Water area around island Gotland.

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