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Guidelines concerning max.size, use of tugs, visibility and wind restrictions and more within Kalmar Pilot Area.

The information is to be regarded as guidelines to Masters, owners and agents when the vessel is considered to be safely maneuvered with pilot in designated fairway during normal conditions and mean water level.

Reservation is done to all additional factors which may affect the unique situation.

Guidelines for Simrishamn, Åhus, Sölvesborg, Karlshamn, Ronneby och Karlskrona

Guidelines for Bergkvara, Degerhamn, Kalmar, Jättersön, Oskarshamn, Simpevarp, Flivik, Västervik

Guidelines for Visby, Klintehamn, Storugns, Kappelshamn, Fårösund, Strå, Slite och Slite lanthamn

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