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Plan showing altitude above sea-level at different places along the canal

Trollhätte canal has a lenght of 82 km of wich 10 km are dredged or blowed up canal and the rest is natural river Göta älv. During the voyage 12 bridges are passed, of which 3 are not openable.

Through six locks a level difference of 44 meters is made. At Lilla Edet 6 m, four locks in Trollhättan of totally appr 32 m and one lock at Bringebergskulle of appr 6 m. 

The locks are of modern type, constructed with electrical and mechanical operation. Double bottoms mean even filling of water and very calm movements in the locks both during filling and emptying.

One passage of the locks require appr 8000-12000 cbm of water.

Depth in the fairway is at least 6.3 m. In the locks the depth over the entrance is 5.7 at lowest waterlevel.

Both the canal and the river are marked by a large number of lighted fairway marks.

Power cables

Safe vertical clearence to lowest point of power cables is 27 meters.

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