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First report

To minimize waiting times, optimize the ice breaking resources etc, ships intending pass the canal and lake Vänern when there is a obligation of ice class, shall report to the traffic office in Trollhättan.:
Phn + 46 (0) 771 63 06 95.

Report shall be made as follows:

  • Before departure Gothenburg.
  • Passage Dalbo bride norht- and southbound.
  • Upon arrival to, and before departure Vänerhamn.

Departure report
to be made at least 6 hours before departure Gothenburg or Vänerhamn. If something occurs that will affect the departure time, a new time of departure shall be reportet as soon as possible.

Arrival report
to be made when the ship is well moored. The report shall consist of ship's name, nationality, estimated time of departure, engine power, draught, ice class, cargo capacity and destination in lake Vänern.

Contact at ice conditions

Joint representative at ice conditions for Göta älv, Trollhätte canal and Lake Vänern is placed at the office in Trollhättan.

Ice representative Trollhätte canal:

Per Lagerström
Phone:+46 (0)10 478 55 56
Mobil: +46 (0)708 63 12 48
E-post: per.lagerstrom@sjofartsverket.se





















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