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Maximum size ship in the canal

1. Ship's size

Maximum allowed size for navigation in Trollhätte canal
- length: 87.00 m, or
- beam: 12.60 m, or
- draught: 4.70 m.

Barge and towage if it's maximum
- length: 35.00 m, or
- beam: 10.00 m, or
- draught: 3.00 m, or
- total length from stern of towing vessel to end of towage: 60.00 m.

Maximum airdraught: 27.00 m.

2. Special permit

A special permit may be issued by the local Administration for vessels passing through Trollhätte canal, exceeding general canal ship dimensions as mentioned above.
Request for special permit shall be sent by e-mail to:  kctrollhattan@sjofartsverket.se
The requirements for vessels special permit is to be found in "Special rules for transiting the Trollhätte kanal with maximum-size vessels "