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Skags lighthouse

Pilot is provided from 00:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The vessel makes a notice to the pilotstation as it reports to the FRS (Vessel Reporting System), i.e. the central information system SafeSeaNet (SSN), 24 hrs in advance of time of arrival to the destination port (arrival berth, not pilotstation). Please refer to Vessel Reporting System under "Read more" to the right.

Preliminary Pilot Request
As close to the FRS-report as possible (as above), the vessel shall give a preliminary pilot request with ETA pilotstation and from/where to be piloted. No charge for ordering pilot and regarded as final order.

Definitive Pilot Request
A definitive request for pilot has to be made no later than five hours in advance of the pilotage starting time. Before this request, changes of preliminary request may be changed without charge.
There will be an ordering charge if request is made later than five hours in advance and if change och cancelling is made less than three hours in advance of starting time. 

Electronic Pilot Request
In areas where electronic request is in operation, it must be used by ship or it's agent. The system is under construction and not yet in use in the Bay of Bothnia Maritime Traffic Area.

Information about draught etc.
The pilot request shall always include the actual maximal draught, port of destination, ship's data (i.e. call sign, gross, cargo, air draught and ice-class if at winter conditions) and time for pilot to embark. If pilot exemption will be used at some part, the number of this has to be reported. The person requesting a pilot is obligated to provide information regarding the vessel when requested to do so.

Information about wind conditions and visibility, as well as weather forecasts, can be provided by the VTS. VTS services are provided from 00:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Pilot to be ordered at  Pilot Ordering Centre Gävle

Map showing the VHF-channels within the Bay of Bothnia Maritime Traffic Area

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