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Pilot boats at sunset

Standards* for Karlsborg

* Experience of assessment which, however, exceed the fairway standards may be revised.

Factory Mass Quay

  • Max LOA = 120m Breadth = 17m

Sawmill Quay

  • Max * LOA = 60m Breadth = 12m

* Can be limited in winter by the possibility of turning the ship, depending on the tugdraught, at the breaking of ice in the turning area.

Tugboat regulations Karlsborg

  • For vessels without a functional bow thruster, tug is compulsory, at both the arrival of departure. '

Regulations for vessels arr/dep Luleå Harbour


SANDÖLEDEN (Bottom with 120m. Shp max LOA 270m, shp max beam 40m)


Max. draft by mean water

Ships < LOA 200m and <beam 30m 10,80m  
Ships > LOA 200m or >beam 30m 10,80m Two pilots
Ships > LOA 260m or >beam 30m 10,70m After special tests
two pilots
Ships, dry cargo < LOA 200m and < beam 30m 10,80m  
Ships, tanker < LOA 200m och < beam 30m 10,80m Only ships with double hull
Ships, tanker < LOA 200m och < beam 30m 8,40m  


Day and night 8,70m  

Victoriaharbour arr/dep

Ships < LOA 200m and <beam 30m   Room for tug boat to maneuver
Ships > LOA 200m or >beam 30m   LOA+100m free jetty
Ships > LOA 260m or >beam 33m   40 m free jetty

No other vessel with >LOA 200m or >beam 30m will be moored up stream of an already moored ship on the coal jetty with >LOA 200m or >beam 30m.


Windregulations (All jetties)

Max Wind-speed by arr/dep

Ships, ballast > LOA 200m or > beam 30m 10m/s  
Ships, loaded > LOA 200m or > beam 30m 15m/s  
Ships, loaded > LOA 260m or > beam 33m <10m/s  

For nightpiloting, following guidlines apply. Pilot has to be onboard at earliest/latest:

Sandskär, orejetty 45 min before sunrise- / sunset    
Viktoriaharbour 1h before sunrise- / sunset    
Uddebo 1h before sunrise- / sunset    
Svartön, ex orejetty 1h before sunrise- / sunset    
Farstugrund 1h before sunrise- / sunset    
Larsgrund 1h before sunrise- / sunset    

Tugboat regulations Ports of Luleå

See right hand side for tugboatregulations.