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Vessel sizes and Permitted Maximum Draught in meters. for the Oxelösund/Bråviken area for piloted vessels.

 Edition: 2016-10-21

This page compiles the maximum dimensions and margins that, from experience, may be piloted with an acceptable safety. This presupposes normal conditions in the various fairways/ports within Oxelösund/Bråviken, Stockholm pilot area.

The specified values apply to mean sea level. Please note that during spring and early summer water levels often can be below mean sea level for an extended period.

Unless otherwise specified, it is assumed that the vessels have normal, good technical standard and maneuverability. It also requires that local tugboat restrictions are followed.

Reservations are made for example visibility, ice and wind conditions, which temporarily restricts the possibilities for a safe pilotage.

Exceptionally, larger dimensions may be permitted, under favorable external conditions, for ships with high technical standard and excellent maneuverability.

It is always the pilot who finally decides whether the circumstances are such that pilotage can be performed.

Ship's agents are always recommended to obtain initial reply for vessels on or near a maximum dimension in good time. At that time, information about equipment and standards that may affect the ship's maneuverability should be provided.

The Swedish Maritime Administration reserves the right to change the data in this compilation without prior notice.


UKC. Under Keel Clearance
in meters.
PMD. Permitted Maximum Draught in meters.

LOA. Length Over All
in meters.
B. Breadth in meters.
QL. Quay Length in meters.
MGMF. Very Good
(Pitch/bow thruster
and spec. rudder
NR. Nautical Council.


Vessel Sizes and Permitted Maximum Draught in meters. for SSAB steel port/Brannäs


SSAB      PMD.         UKC. 
  QL = 298 m      8,4*  0,6*

 *PMD 6,5 m UKC 0,7 when passing north of Korpholmen

  Max vessels (m)   Distance to other vessels when maneuvering    Darkness 
  165 x 26 - 205 x 33    At least 40 m No
  150 x 33 - 165 x 33    At least 40 m Yes
< 150 x 33   Safe distance Yes

Bollards painted blue (north), white, red (middle) and yellow (south). 






Brannäs (pontoon)




Painted mark on inner bollard marks the depth of 6.2 m


Updated: 2019-10-14