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111, 113, 1131 and 1133.

The fairway from Söderälje to Västerås and Bålsta has a minumum depth of 7,6m for vessels with maximum draught of 6,8 m.
The fairway to Köping has minumum depth 7,5m for maximum draught 6,7m.
Other firways with other limits of dimensions is attached to this fairway, such as "Southern fairway" to/via Strängnäs

The waterlevel can change rapidly due to winds in different parts of the lake. The normal water level is about 50 cm higher that the Baltic sea.

Actual water level can be obtained from the Maritime administrations web-app ViVa and from VTS Södertälje. Please note that the given maximum draughts corresponds to the waterlevel on the lake, and therefore the water level should be monitored to be allowed passage on the lake.

Three bridges are crossing the fairway, for openingroutines see link to the right.

Vertical clearance
Several cables are crossing the fairway. minumum vertical clearance is 34m at Oknö Hälludde. The fairway to Bålsta has 35 m vertical clearance.

Speed limits
Except the speed limits shown in the charts is a speedlimit of 12 knots imposed during the winter (ice period)

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