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59 35,5'N 16 31,5E  Chart 113

The western harbour consists of a concrete jetty about 900 m long.
The oil jetty is a concrete jetty about 120m long.

Limits for compulsory pilotage (L/B/D (m)
Category 1       = alla fartyg
Category 2 & 3 = 70/14,5/4,5

Maximun draught: 6,8 m

Water depth at jetty
Western harbour #41-45 7,4m, all other jettys 7,6m.
Oil terminal 7,6m, a small area in northern part 6,0 m (limit marked on jetty)


Vertical clerance 34 m. For additional information please visit MÄLARLEDEN

Guidelines for use of tugboat

Darkness restriction
No restrictions

Wind restrictions
No restrictions

Visibility restrictions
No restrictions

0,6 NM north of island Kattskär, marked in chart.

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