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The Swedish Maritime Administration, Malmö Pilot Area, offer you well-trained pilots for safe and cost-effective transit through the Swedish part of the Sound and Deep Sea Pilotage to all ports in the Baltic Sea, Kattegat and Skagerrak. Harbour pilotage is offered in all the commercial ports within the area.    

Pilotage in Flintrännan

Max. draft 7,2m and max. height above water 55,0m at mean water level.

Öresundsbron över Flintrännan

Swedish Transport Agency is responsible for regulations regarding compulsory and exemption of pilot. For further information please visit their web-site.


Pilot is compulsory at inner waters in Malmö Pilot Area


Pilotage lines and boarding areas for Ystad, Trelleborg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Höganäs

Pilotage lines and boarding areas for Halmstad, Falkenberg,Varberg and Ringhals


For Pilot limits see Recommendations and restrictions


  • Pilot is compulsory when one of the measures is present 
  • Vessel draft refers to the actual draft in meters. 
  • Tugboat: Pilot is not compulsory by draft when tugboat or pusher are not connected to another boat or craft.
  • Barge: Max length = 70,0 m Beam = 14,0 m, Draft = due to fairway 
  • Fishing vessel: Pilot is not compulsory by draft
  • Icebreaker: Pilot is not compulsory by draft 
  • Sailing catamaran or Trimarian: Pilot is not compulsory by draft 
  • Foreign Governmental vessels. See TSFS 2012:38 ( in Swedish ) 
  • Tankers exceeding Length 200m or Beam 40m must use 2 pilots 


  • Coast of Halland Vessel will be provided with 2 Pilots if below size exceeds: 
    - Halmstad: Length 180 mtrs or Beam 28 mtrs
    - Varberg: Length 180 mtrs or Beam 28 mtrs
    - Falkenberg: Beam 23 mtrs. 

Source: (SJÖFS 2012:3)

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