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All Swedish pilots are equipped with a laptop for navigation with associated chart system to further enhance safety in pilotage. Swedish Maritime Administration pilots use the software "Transas Navipilot 4000" together with the Swedish ENC charts. ENC stands for Electronic Navigational Chart, and may be called so only if they are produced by a country's official and authorized hydrographic office which for Sweden is the Maritime Administration. ENC charts are made in WGS-84, World Geodectic System 1984, the international coordinate system of latitude and longitude and these ENC charts are continuously updated and distributed digitally to pilots in Sweden.

The Swedish Maritime Administration has the ambition to provide downloadable routes/passage plans for all of Sweden's pilot stations and for the ports covered by the pilot service. Routes/passage plans provided are the ones being used most frequently by pilots at each pilot station. Shipping is hereby given an opportunity to, before the call to a Swedish port, program their electronic chart display systems with the same routes as the pilot for the port uses. Then, the bridge officers and pilots have identical routes/passage plans presented in their digital chart system (often different brands). The Swedish Maritime Administration considers this an improvement of safety.

While the file formats for electronic chart systems, so far have not been given an international standard, the routes are delivered only in Transas file formats. The reason is that they are produced in Transas software. However, the routes are also presented as data tables in Excel file format in which other system users are able to find data for manual input.

Important information

The digital route plans should not be used as a substitute for regular charts and navigation, only as a complement to them. When using the digital route plans and other information on these pages, information such as e.g. ships type, weather and other traffic must always be taken into account.

Also note that due to e.g. location data, incorrect programming of routes or other sources of error the Swedish Maritime Administration in no way guarantees the navigation of the electronic chart system and it should only be seen as a complement to radar and visual navigation.

The digital route plans are developed from available geographic information. The Swedish Maritime Administration takes no responsibility for errors in route plans or information on these pages.


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