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Max dimensions for pilotage ferryships bound to and from 
Kapellskär on a regular basis

Max dimensions
Length 240.00 m
Beam 32.31 m
Draught 8.40 m
  • Length referring to L.O.A.
  • During daylight and good visibility maximum draught is depending on actual waterlevel: Addition or reduction to/from standards is made corresponding to cm high- or low water.
  • During darkness or bad visibility addition to draught at high waterlevel is not permitted and are always standards for max draught valid.

    Source: Stockholm Pilot


About Port of Kapellskär

Kapellskär is the most northern port of Ports of Stockholm. The location, in combination with a unique short approach time, makes it possible to rapidly transport goods and passengers to and from Stockholm and the Stockholm surroundings, as well as the rest of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, the Baltic States and Continental Europe.

Kapellskär is situated approximately 90 km north of Stockholm,
20 km east of Norrtälje and 90 km east of Uppsala.
The E18 runs all the way to the Port of Kapellskär.

GPS position: N 59 43´ E 19 04´

Quay facts

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