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The port area is under reconstruction.
See attached link. Norrtälje Harbor.

Max dimensions for Pilotage of ships in fairways to and from Norrtälje

All ships


bowthruster or
assistance of tug

Without bowthruster or tug


105.00 m

70.00 m




Max draught at mean water level



Ferryjetty 1



5.35 m

5.35 m


  • Length refering to L.O.A.
  • Normal practice; at least 25-30 cm water under keel for berthing.
  • Vessels lenght over all 70 m or more, shall be equipped with bowthruster; if not tug is required.
  • Exemption from this requirement can be agreed upon at special occasions.
  • During daylight and good visibility maximum draught is depending on actual waterlevel: Addition or reduction to/from standards is made corresponding to cm high- or low water.
  • During darkness or bad visibility addition to draught at high waterlevel is not permitted and are always standards for max draught valid.

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