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Maximum Length over all = 300 meter
Vessels over 230 m in length should moor buoy-buoy, vessels between 200-230 m have an option of mooring buoy-buoy or anchor and one buoy.
Vessels under 200 m should moor with anchor and one buoy, due to exceedingly long mooring lines with buoy-buoy mooring.

On arrival and departure with vessels at Stockholms Ström to be moored with the bow anchor and stern to buoys, two (2) tugboats must be used during mooring operations.
If the vessel has powerful bow thruster(s), this/these can replaces the forward tugboat.
Vessels with bowthruster and, azipod or sternthruster, are granted exemption from stipulated use of tugboats, when mooring at buoy in Stockholm, in normal wind conditions.
If forecast from SMHI predicts sustained wind speed exceeding 6 m/s, 1 tugboat is always required.

Below some simplified pictures from the attached PowerPoint precentation.

First Buoy-Buoy



The blue and violet markings show where the anchors are located.

Maximum mooring ropes, 6 in the Western buoy and 8 in the East.

It is possible to approach north or south of the eastern mooring buoy.
It is also possible to be bow outwards or bow inwards.

 And then Anchor-Buoy.

Bow inward.

Bow outwards.