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Max dimensions for pilotage in fairways to and from Svartklubben

Daylight and good visibility
Max Hallstavik Hargshamn Forsmark Öregrund
L.O.A 170.00 m 170.00 m 100.00 m Unlimited
Beam 26.00 m 26.00 m 19.00 m Unlimited
Draught 7.00 m 8.50 m 5,10 m 6.50 m
Darkness and considerable restricted visibility
L.O.A 150.00 m 150.00 m 100.00 m Unlimited
Beam 20.00 m 20.00 m 19.00 m Unlimited
Draught 7.00 m 8.50 m 5,10 m 6.50 m




These guidelines apply to vessels piloted by Maritime Administration pilots. Note that individual pilots may, for nautical safety considerations, decide to further strengthen these requirements.
The Maritime Administration may impose specific restrictions governing the arrival of a vessel.

  • Tugboat restrictions Hargshamn
    For piloted vessels between 120m-150m
    1 x 13 ton thrust
    For piloted vessels 150m and more
    2 x 13 ton thrust
    (Bow thruster replaces 1 tugboat) 
  • Wind speed limit Hallstavik-Hargshamn
    Wind speed is assessed according to the ViVa- wind-gauge in Hargshamn.
    For piloted vessels with a length over 140 m.
    In sustained wind speed between 8-12 m/s, the Maritime Administration will make an assessment of the relevant vessel's possibilities to navigate the fairway. This assessment is based on whether the vessel is familiar with the pilot area from earlier, the wind direction, whether it is day or night, and other factors affecting the vessel's performance. The evaluation will be made as early as possible, but since factors can change quickly, decisions may be made during piloting.
    The maritime Administration will not commence piloting assignments in sustained wind speed exceeding 12 m/s.
    For piloted vessels up to 140 m.
    Normally, no restrictions.
  • Ships with a L.O.A. exceeding 170.00m
    maximum 185.00 meters arriving at first time to Hargshamn or Hallstavik, are requested to present ships data concerning rudders, propellers, bowthrusters and maneuverability, 2 weeks prior to arrival for evaluation by Area Manager and nautical supervisors.
    All decisions of the vessels covered by the special assessment shall be determined in writing by the Director of the pilot area. Decisions shall be time limited and may be made subject with specific restrictions. Decisions can be withdrawn for good reason.
  • Draft. 10.4 meters.
    From the Sea of ​​Åland North entrance via Jössan to anchorage at the lighthouse Vässarögrund.
  • Winter.
    9.00 meters draught in the Öregrund fairway (requires marking with winter buoys)
    Winter Navigation
  • Darkness.
    Darkness Regulations
  • Anchorage.
    Vessels not using a pilot, approximately 2 NM south of Lighthouse Svartklubben.
    Places Suitable for Anchoring
  • Boarding.
  • During daylight and good visibility maximum draught is depending on actual waterlevel: Addition or reduction to/from standards is made corresponding to cm high- or low water.
  • During darkness or bad visibility addition to draught at high waterlevel is not permitted and are always standards for max draught valid.


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