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Pilot boarding a ship

All ships using pilotservice provided by the Swedish National Maritime Admininstration are requested to have pilot ladders rigged in strict accordance with SOLAS and International Marine Pilots Association (refer IMPA Pilot Ladder Arrangement Plan) requirements. 

Where the vessel's freeboard exceeds 9 metres, requiring a combination pilot ladder arrangement, the lower platform of the fixed ladder must be horizontal, about 6 metres above the water and be secured to the ship's side. The manropes and pilot ladder must be secured to the ship's side about one point five (1.5) metres above the fixed platform.

 Large picture boarding arrangements

Vessels are requested to provide a good lee and maintain a speed of eight (8) knots when embarking or disembarking the pilot. 
The bottom of the pilot ladder shall be two meters above the water. 

Vessel will be boarded at the following positions

(For navigation use corrected charts)

Pilotstation Boardingposition Position
W of Brofjordens "approach light buoy" N 58 15,2
E 11 11,0
VLCC SW of Brofjordens "approach light buoy" N 58 13,3 
E 11  8,8

North Hälsö

WNW of Nord Hälsö N 58 58,2
E 11   3,1
S of Ramskär N 58 44,0
E 10 59,6
Marstrand SW of  Hätteberget lighthouse N 57 50,8 
E 11 22,6


Source: Swedish charts and "IMPA recommendations"

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