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Escort towing

In order to increase safety, escort towing is compulsory for following vessels:

  • All crude oil tankers*, both loaded and in empty conditions.
  • Product tankers, full or partly loaded (but not empty) over 20 000 DW (by DW means metric tonnes deadweight at summer draft).

*With crude oil tankers means ships on their way to or from crude oil quay.

Escort towing shall start on vessels arrival at Brofjorden approach buoy.

On departure escort towing shall proceed to buoys No. 1/No. 2.


Recommendations and other restrictions in connection with escort:

  • When escorted crude oil vessels are between the bouys number 1 and 2 and a line between Hästebådans buoy and Kornögrundets buoy it is recommended that no meeting or overtaking occurs.
  • When other ships are escorted in this part of the fairway it is recommended that meetings and overtaking is done with great caution.
  • When a laden ship with DW greater than the escort tow´s tons steeringpull according to IMO Guidlines on Steering Pulls, in additional, a non-connected escort tug should be available in the fairway for rapid deployment.

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