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Pilotage is, in general, compulsory for masters on vessels with a length of 70 metres or breadth of 14 metres or more. The Swedish Transport Agency establishes regulations on pilotage in the Swedish territorial waters.

Valid regulations are found in the Swedish Transport Agency's Regulations and General Advice (TSFS 2012:38) on Pilotage (for the moment only available in Swedish). These regulations stipulate in which fairways and waters the use of pilot is compulsory. Whether or not the master of a vessel navigating in these fairways and waters shall use a pilot depends on the size of the vessel and the type of cargo it is carrying.

As a general principle the use of pilot is compulsory in the Swedish internal waters (landward of the baseline). To the larger ports in Sweden there are designated pilotage fairways. In these fairways, specific rules for e.g. vessel dimensions determine whether or not pilotage is compulsory.

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