Pictures from 2018

The Nordic Photo Contest For Seafarers 2018 had its final on Friday February 8. 111 seafarers from Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish flag vessels had participated with 825 photos. Altogether, the local juries sent 75 pictures to the Nordic final at Sjöhistoriska (Maritime Museum), Stockholm.

The jury – photojournalist Stefan F. Lindberg and Oliver Lindkvist, photographer Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums – managed to make their selection quite, after having determined a common basis for evaluating the pictures.

–We aimed to find pictures showing an atmosphere. A good picture should have a language and speak for itself, and also content and presence, said Stefan F. Lindberg.

With that in mind, the jury disclosed the five winning pictures below (from right to left):

1. Guðmundur St. Valdimarsson, Iceland
2. Bergþór Gunnlaugsson, Iceland
3. Johan Byström, Icebreaker Ymer, Sweden
4. Claus Jacobsen, Svitzer Madeira, Denmark
5. Frode André Koppang, Skandi Buchan, Norway

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the participants!

See the Nordic winners and the winners of the Swedish competition below.