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Södertälje lock

Södertalje Canal connects the Baltic Sea with Lake Mälaren.

The canal has a length of 3.3 nautical miles and you have to pass one lock to make the lift of 60 cm to the level of the lake. The lock is 135 m in length, 19.6 m wide and 7.8 m deep.

 Opening hours for the Södertälje Lock and Bridge Mälarbron

 Lock Passage for Leisure Crafts in the Södertälje Lock

Merchant vessels have priority, see signboards for information about changes in schedule.
Transfer fee from lake Mälaren - SEK 180.
Payment with credit card only.

It is also possible to make the passage between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea through Hammarby lock in Stockholm.

NB! Hammarby lock is not operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration.
The Karl-Johan lock is closed 2016-2021 due to construction work,
For further information, please visit the Ports of Stockholm website.



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