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A so-called Pettersson-boat

Transfer of leisure craft every hour 08.15 - 21.15.
At other times passage after agreement with lock master.
Transfer fee from lake Mälaren, SEK 180.
Payment with credit card only.

Information signs are posted about 200 metres from each end of the lock.

Permit to enter the lock is given by the lock master via loudspeakers and/or the information signs, or VHF channel 14.

Contact with the lock master at Södertälje Canal
VHF:           Channel 14 (68)
Telephone: +46 (0)771 - 630 655


  • Follow the instructions from the lock master.
  • Please be on stand by with your lines and hook.
  • Best way of keeping the boat steady is by grabbing the hooks and ladders at the lock walls.
  • Never leave children alone in the boat during the transfer.
  • Never leave the boat unattended in the lock.

Merchant vessels
Regardless set hours for lock transfers, merchant vessels have priority, which could result in waiting time for leisure craft.

Due to safety reasons, small boats and leisure crafts are not allowed to make the lock transfer simultaneously with the merchant vessels.
Passage under sail is neither permitted, boat shall use motor or oars.

Darkness/Restricted visibility
With respect to maritime safety, pay extra attention and take precaution during dark hours and restricted visibility. Leisure craft shall stay clear of the canal sides. During waiting time before lock transfer, the boats are to be berthed and moored to the waiting piers.

Maximum speed in the Södertälje Canal is 6 knots. However, leisure craft are recommended to, under high precaution and observing the speed restriction, to pass in and out of the lock as quickly as possible, at the given signal. This is particularly important at the southern gate, to avoid traffic jam on the road.

A lock fee is to be payed by leisure craft.

Open fire is prohibited in the lock area.

Current water
Pay attention to current water in the lock. Sudden currents may occur and cause unexpected forces. A life jacket is recommended.

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