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Swedish Coastal Radio, which is owned and operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration, is an essential communications channel for recreational boating. Swedish Coastal Radio offers services via VHF, MF, HF and mobile telephone.

The Coastal Radio network currently consists of 56 VHF base stations and 5 medium-wave stations with accompanying recipient sites, which, combined, provide coverage throughout the Swedish area of responsibility. Operators are active in 10 locations. Overall, about 220 individual radio channels are available.

Stockholm Radio/SDJ is the only civilian coastal radio station in Sweden. It offers the following services:

  • Transfer of radio calls on VHF, MF and HF
  • Sea weather reports
  • Gale warnings
  • Ice reports
  • Navigational warnings
  • Information about bridge opening times, pilot stations, VHF channels, phone numbers, etc.
  • Communication of fishing reports, passenger reports (merchant vessels) and much more 

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