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Hoburg – Intensive ligh

When Linnaeus wrote the book about his Gotland travels, he wrote that there should be a lighthouse light at Hoburg for the benefit of seafarers. But seafarers here had to wait for their lighthouse light.

Photo: Linda Holmqvist, The Swedish Maritime Administration

Designs had already been completed by the 1820s, but no lighthouse was built here until directed government funding was awarded in 1844. The lighthouse station was staked out 1400 metres from the sea, up on Kleven mountain. A cylindrical tower was built here, 21 metres high and made of limestone, and the lighthouse began to operate in 1846. For seafarers, it has always been a tremendous experience to leave the lighthouses at the southern end of Öland before gradually seeing the intensive flash of the Hoburg lighthouse light up the night.

Last updated 2021-04-06