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On 1 October 2015 the Maritime Single Window (MSW) portal was launched for reporting of information regarding entry at port.

From 5 October 2016, fairway dues declarations and notification of the need for pilotage is to be conducted through the reporting portal, MSW Reportal. This entails changes in routines for customers of the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA).

Read more: New procedures for fairway dues declarations and notification of the need for pilotage

Contact information for MSW Support

Manages issues involving: Reporting, user support and fault reporting for the MSW Reportal Interface and input

Telephone: 0771- 40 00 50
E-mail: support@mswreportal.se

For authority-specific issues, please contact the specific authority.

Swedish Coast Guard
The Swedish Coast Guard manages questions linked to notifications in advance for border control and maritime security.
Telephone: +46 8 578 976 30 (Swedish Coast Guard Maritime Clearance)
E-mail: sweden24@kustbevakningen.se

Swedish Maritime Administration
Maritime Administration manages questions related to vessel application, pilotage and fairway declaration.
Telephone: +46 10 478 58 00
E-mail: kundstod@sjofartsverket.se

Swedish Customs Service
Customs Service manages questions related to the time limits that apply and the information which must be provided.
Telephone: +46 771 520 520 (TullSvar daytime)
Telephone: +46 8 456 65 61 (Fartygsklarering daytime)
Telephone: +46 8 456 65 60 (Klarering evening/night)
E-mail: fartygsklarering@tullverket.se

Swedish Transport Agency
Swedish Transport Agency manages questions related to regulations.
Telephone: 0771-503 503 
E-mail: kontakt@transportstyrelsen.se

Processing of personal data

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swedish Personal Data Act (PDA) come into force as of 25 May 2018. The legislation governs all management of personal data relating to the operations of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The purpose of GDPR and DPA is to protect people from having their personal integrity infringed when personal data is processed. As a result of the new regulations, it is the responsibility of the Swedish Maritime Administration to ensure that all persons affected by the Swedish Maritime Administration's registration and management of their personal data are informed of these procedures and the underlying reasons.

Read more about how we process personal data: www.sjofartsverket.se/en/Quick-links/Contact-Us/Processing-of-personal-data/