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An pilot order must be made electronically via MSW Reportal. If you don´t have access to MSW Reportal, please order your pilot by phone or e-mail  to the relevant pilot office. In order to avoid fees, please make you final order at least 5 hours before the pilotage will take place.

From 5 October 2016, SMA's pilot ordering centres will need to see the basic data from a vessel's notification in the form of a notified need for pilotage. The notification assumes that you have marked in the vessel's notification that you intend to order; note, however, that this does not constitute a pilotage order. A pilotage order must always be followed by a preliminary or definitive order for such services.

In connection with system commissioning on 5 October, the Swedish Maritime Administration's e-services will be down most of the day, and thus you should be prepared for the need for greater-than-normal telephone contact.

All orders for pilotage and, to a certain extent delays, are clearly linked to vessel notification and re-use information such as arrival times and departure times, and the system offers suggestions for reasonable starting times, and so forth.

It will not be possible to order pilotage for a point in time less than three hours ahead.

Many concepts are familiar and it remains the case that you are expected to make a preliminary order for pilotage 18 hours ahead of the desired pilotage starting time and a definitive pilotage order no later than 5 hours ahead of the desired starting time to avoid order-related fees. As previously, dedicated deep-sea pilotage orders are to be made to the pilotage centre in Malmö; but to the MSW Reportal should be used in conjunction with port mooring.

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