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Participation in the SOUNDREP Ship Reporting System is mandatory for all vessels above 300 GT transiting through the SOUNDREP operational area or proceeding to or from ports and anchorages in The Sound.

Vessels can fulfil most of the reporting procedures by using non-verbal means such as an e-mail report or the online reporting form prior to entering. However vessels must establish contact on VHF when entering the area.

The following categories of vessels are exempt from the Reporting System, but are encouraged to participate: Warships, Naval Auxiliaries or Vessels owned by a contracting government and used only in government non-commercial service.

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  • Sector 1 (Northerly) VHF Ch 73

  • Sector 2 (Southerly) VHF Ch 71



+46 771 63 06 00




Postal address

Sjöfartsverket, Sound VTS

Hans Michelsensgatan 9

211 20 Malmö




Swedish Maritime Administration

Marco Svantesson

+46 10 478 47 96

Admiral Danish Fleet

Per Baek Hansen

+45 22 91 06 29

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The mandatory ship reporting system SOUNDREP is operated by Sound VTS and provides information service to shipping about specific and urgent situations as well as other information concerning safety of navigation (weather, current, water level, visibility, ice or other hazards). Information of general interest will be broadcasted.

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The statistic is monthly gathered for ships movements in SoundRep area.

All ships above 300 GRT are included, but the crossing ferries between Helsingør and Helsingborg are not.

The incident column shows that an incident report has been made (heading towards shallow water, grounding, collision etc.)



Month 2014 Passages Incidents
January 2601 5
February 2624 6
March 2921 0
April 2756 4
May 3108 4
June 2893 9
July 2932 4
August 2522 2
September 2788 1
October 2839 5
November 2807 3
December 2530 2
Total 2014 33321 45
Monthly average 2777 4