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MSW Reportal

Our sustainability work

Sustainability is a universal objective that applies to our primary and support activities. For the Maritime Administration, sustainability involves assuming responsibility for both today's and tomorrow's society.

Most of our operations already contribute to meeting the three criteria for social, ecological and economic sustainability.

Sustainable development is made up of three parts:

- Social sustainability entails that we actively care about the development for our fellowmen and their welfare through increased security, availability and ethical values.

- Ecological sustainability entails that we work towards greater environmental protection and reduced climate impact.

- Economic sustainability entails that we strive for healthy resource utilization by promoting sound finances and assisting our customers to strengthen their competitiveness.

As a part of our sustainability commitment, we decided – effective 2012 – to introduce a sustainability report, parallel with a revamped and comprehensive management system for quality and environmental management.

Last updated 2021-03-12