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MSW Reportal


Our activities focus primarily on merchant shipping, but also take the pleasure boating and fishing interests into account.


The Swedish Maritime Administration provides pilotage and assistance in the navigation to vessels within Swedish territorial waters.

Maritime Traffic Information

Maritime Traffic Information.

Port call support

Port call support.

Hydrographic Information

We are responsible for accessibility, accessibility and safety at sea. An important part of that work is to produce high-quality charts and provide the best possible support for navigation in Swedish waters.


Maritime transport has to work regardless of the season. The Swedish Maritime Administration operates a number of icebreakers and can, if required, charter additional external resources.

Seamen's Service

A seafarers home away from home.

Bridges and canals

Opening times and information concerning bridges, locks and canals.

SMA Maintenance

SMA Maintenance AB is an EASA Part-145 approved helicopter maintenance organization with approval number SE.145.0136.

Last updated 2021-03-16